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7580AA IVOBLK One button Dinner Jacket tuxedo with bowtie – Suits & Tuxedos

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One-button dinner jacket with shawl satin lapel
Poly cotton tuxedo shirt with clip-on bowtie
Long pants
Made in U.S.A.

Get your boy this noble-looking tuxedo set and watch as he captivates everyone’s hearts. This U.S.-made one-button dinner jacket tuxedo set is excellent for all formal occasions. It comes complete with a white tucked shirt, a vest, and a clip-on bowtie, giving your son a sophisticated and elegant look to make him stand out. The vest and necktie also come in different color options, allowing you to choose the perfect combination to match your son’s style and personality. This tuxedo set is a timeless classic that will make your son feel confident and stylish at any formal event.


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